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Olga Inozemtseva, Ph.D.

e-mail: oinozem@yahoo.com
Full-time Professor/Researcher
Neuroscience Institute
University of Guadalajara

Dr. Inozemtseva did her undergraduate studies in the Special Education Program at the State Pedagogical University of Moscow, specializing in language therapy. For her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the Behavioral Sciences (option Neuroscience), she enrolled at the Neuroscience Institute of the University of Guadalajara. Her career in research began in 1998 as a Research Assistant. She was an Associate Professor/Researcher in the Neuropsychology and Neurolinguistics Laboratory, directed by Dr. Esmeralda Matute.
At present, she directs the Neuropsychology of Addictions Laboratory.

During her training as a researcher, Dr. Inozemtseva participated in the development of projects in the area of child neuropsychology that focused on problematics of neuropsychological development in children with genetic and hormonal alterations. Her most recent professional interests center on examining the role of the executive functions –especially inhibitory control– in addictive behavior, where she considers alterations in these processes to be a consequence of the negative effects of substance abuse on the CNS, or perhaps a factor implicated in the acquisition and maintenance of addictive behavior.

Dr. Inozemtseva has presented the results of her research in different scientific forums in Mexico and abroad. In terms of teaching, she has imparted courses on psychobiology, cognitive processes and their development, integrative and executive functions, and inhibitory control, among other topics, at the Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral levels. She has also offered lectures, courses and workshops for professional development, directed primarily at psychologists and teachers.

She is now directing various theses, and participating as a member of thesis committees related to the development of the research projects of students in Master’s and Doctoral programs. Dr. Inozemtseva also participates actively in the work of the collegial organs of the Neuroscience Institute, including its Teacher’s College and Academic Board.

She is the author or co- author of almost 25 publications, including national and international refereed articles, book chapters, and articles for divulgation.

Dr. Inozemtseva is a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers (Level II), and a full-time Professor who has earned recognition from the PROMEP program for her professional profile.