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Julieta Ramos Loyo, Ph.D.

e-mail: jramos@cencar.udg.mx
Full Professor-Researcher “C”
Psychophysiology of Cognitive and Emotional Processes Laboratory
Neuroscience Institute, CUCBA
University of Guadalajara

Dr. Ramos studied Psychology at the Anáhuac University, earning her B.A. in 1986. She completed her Master’s studies in Psychobiology at the Faculty of Psychology (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México-UNAM) in 1989. For her Doctoral research she returned to investigations into the changes in cerebral organization produced by the audition of pleasant and unpleasant musical stimuli, and received her degree in General Experimental Psychology from that Faculty (UNAM) in 1994. During her training, she participated in a series of research projects dealing with changes in cerebral activity during sleep, and those caused by deprivation, as well as other topics, including cerebral activity during information processing, and the effects of hormones on brain activity, among others; all of this at the Sleep Laboratory of the Faculty of Psychology, directed by Dr. María Corsi Cabrera, who acted as her thesis supervisor.

In 1990, she was admitted to Mexico’s National System of Researchers, where she is still a member (currently Level II). In 1994, she accepted an invitation to occupy a position as a Full-time researcher at the Instituto de Nuerociencias (Neuroscience Institute)- Universidad de Guadalajara (University of Guadalajara), where she remains to this day. As an independent researcher, Dr. Ramos has developed original lines of investigation in the field of the psychophysiology of cognitive and emotional processes, and has published scientific works extensively in prestigious international scientific journals. She has also written book chapters and texts for scientific dissemination. Among her principal contributions we could mention her work with schizophrenic patients who are refractory for conventional neuroleptic treatment, which led to the discovery of anatomical, biochemical and electrophysiological characteristics of the brain, as well as cognitive and emotional traits, that are distinct from patients who do respond to such therapy. Also, Dr. Ramos has described functional changes in the brain and behavior during treatment with atypical neuroleptics (olanzapina) in these patients. This information is of great value for clinical medicine for it leads to improved diagnoses and treatment. In addition to her collaboration with Dr. Corsi at the Faculty of Psychology, she maintains relations with other researchers, such as Dr. Canan Basar in Bremen, Germany, and Dr. Henrique Sequeira at the University of Lille (France).

Her career in research has proceeded hand-in-hand with her teaching activities, which began at the Anáhuac University in 1983 and continued in the Faculty of Psychology and Medicine at the UNAM, at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Today, she still teaches at the Neuroscience Institute. She has also directed theses at the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. levels. With regards to academic administration, Dr. Ramos was a member of the Internal Council of the Faculty of Psychology at the UNAM, and of several Evaluating Commissions. She has served as Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in the Behavioral Sciences, and is a member of important academic groups. Dr. Ramos also belongs to a consolidated academic leadership group and is a member of the Mexican Academy of Science. Finally, her academic profile has been recognized by the PROMEP Program.