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Andrés González Garrido, Ph.D.

Fabiola Gómez, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Clinical Neurophysiology

Laboratory Director: Dr. Andrés González Garrido
e-mail: aagonza@prodigy.net.mx

Dr. Fabiola Gómez. Associate professor.

The lines of research of this working group center on the following areas:
1.- The electrophysiological and imagenological correlates of cognitive processing and emotions  
2.- The neurodevelopment of cognitive processing and their alterations
3.- The neurophysiology of the reading process

In order to achieve a better understanding of the functional role of perceptual discrimination, attention, short-term memory and emotional assignation in cognitive processing, and to explain how the heterosensorial integration of complex cerebral functions is generated, we have designed –and are currently applying– behavioral studies that focus on the interaction of emotional recognition (with multimodal presentation) with automatic perceptual discrimination memory tasks, together with studies of the following discrimination abilities: phonological and denomination and orthographic recognition, in children and adults. Such studies entail the simultaneous electrophysiological recording of the cerebral activity related to the experimental events and the evaluation of the multivariate distribution of current sources in order to detect the sites of higher neurophysiological activity during the processing of specific tasks. Finally, these studies are complemented by the use of imaging methods such as high resolution magnetic resonance (including functional evaluation techniques).