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Daniel Zarabozo Enríquez de Rivera, Ph.D.

Humberto Madera, Ph.D.

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The Psychophysiology of Perceptual Processes Laboratory

Laboratory director: Dr. Daniel Zarabozo Enríquez de Rivera
e-mail: dzaraboz@cencar.udg.mx

The differentiation between sensation and perception has generated interminable discussions in the area of Psychophysiology since the 18th century, though the many studies already conducted have so far failed to reach agreement. However, today there is at least one point that seems to have been widely accepted: that the nature of the distinction between sensation and perception is much more quantitative than qualitative. The principal area of research in this laboratory focuses on behavioral and electrophysiological mechanisms related to perception, a line of inquiry that includes the study of motor and electroencephalographic responses related to perceptual processes of the visual and auditory modalities, and of the processes that underlie the realization of temporal judgments.

Some of the specific topics currently under study are the cerebral electrical activity related to the perception of changes in the velocity of a mobile and the modifications of estimates of the duration of visual stimuli on the basis of the emotional characteristics of the stimuli themselves. The approaches used to study these problems include electrophysiological and behavioral techniques.